Top 5 Features Are Coming To Microsoft Bing Edge

Here are the Five updates that are coming to Bing and Edge.

New Features for Bing and Edge Microsoft recently announced new laptops and updates for its app at their Special Event.

This Personalised Answers Feature allows Bing Chat to refer to users search history to form its future results.

Microsoft had announced Coilot in Shopping earlier this year.

This update will enable users to quickly find stuff online from both Bing and Edge.

Open AI earlier this week had Microsoft Unveils DALL-E3 an AI model that is now more nuanced and detailed than it's previous systems to deliver accurate images.

The Company is adding Content Credentials in the form of an invisible digital watermark with time and date it was created on to all AI generated images in Bing.

Bing Chat Enterpricse Updates is now available in the Microsoft Edge mobile app and will be able to support multimodal visual search and image creator features.

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