In 2023 Jim Carrey a Canadian-American comedian and actor, will have a net worth of about $185 million.

He has a stellar reputation in the film business for his comic roles.

Carrey distinctive brand of humour was what ultimately changed the direction of comedy in movies.

During this time he attained the height of his fame he is still highly regarded today.

In 1996 Jim Carrey became the first actor to make $20 million from a single movie thanks to The Cable Guy in which he starred.

Over the course of his career he has made hundreds of millions of dollars in movie salaries and backend bonuses.

Jim Carrey reportedly has a net worth of 185 million dollars.

After Ace Ventura Pet Detective was published in 1994 Ace Ventura gained widespread recognition throughout the world.

In the ensuing two decades his career took off and he advanced to become one of the highest-paid actors in the world making an estimated $20 million for a single movie.

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