10 Best Things to Do in Phoenix, Arizona

The best things to do in Phoenix encompass everything that makes Arizona amazing.

1. Desert Botanical Garden Not only does this 140-acre garden have a spectacular vista Spend some time visiting here and you can expect to take a flashlight tour.

2. Tovrea Castle Once you catch sight of this fascinating structure, you’ll want to tour it right away which is the only way to see the inside of the 5,000-square-foot landmark. A four-story castle viewable from the freeway.

3. Musical Instrument Museum A state of the art collection housing more than 8,000 instruments from across 200 countries the Musical Instrument Museum is one of the cultural gems of Phoenix. check the events calendar to see which of the world’s best musicians will be performing at the center next.

4. Heard Museum Get educated on all things Native American with a focus on artists from the Southwest. Learn about artistic traditions and evolutions through paintings, sculptures and textiles.

5. La Santisima This Mexican restaurant strives to avoid the Tex-Mex style, focusing on healthier regional fare from Baja and Cancun.

6. Roosevelt Row This pedestrian area features a mix of indie shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries, but visual art is the big draw.

7. S'edav Va'aki Museum A short walkable trail takes visitors through the ruins of an ancient Hohokam village sitting right in the heart of the city punctuated by uncovered artifacts and more. The Museum also hosts events and classes throughout the year for both children and adults.

8. Nogales Hot Dogs A popular Phoenix late-night, post-party snack. But since this place is open from 7pm to 12:30am you don't need to be out dancing to enjoy one the dogs are just as tasty after a long day at the office or following an afternoon of sightseeing.

9. Valley Bar Valley Bar is one of downtown Phoenix's best and brightest spots for live music and fun events and it is actually below street level.

10. First Fridays Monthly Art Walk Various neighborhoods in downtown Phoenix get extra artsy on the first Friday of each month as thousands gather to see artworks in more than 70 galleries. 

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