12 Most Dangerous Places in the World

1. India The radical disparity in wealth and class may explain some of the risk of scams and theft in this country.

2. Hawaii Considering this destination is a prime hot spot for honeymooners it might be surprising to see the Big Island of Hawaii as a dangerous place to visit.

3. Acapulco It's deemed as the murder capital of the country with dozens of gangs operating in the open.

4. Israel and the Middle East Give the recent violence and unrest surrounding the US embassy's move to Jerusalem the area can be a risky destination.

5. Brazil If you go Brazil it's important to always be aware of your surroundings and diligent with your safety warns Gobbels.

6. Malaysian Borneo The views may be beautiful but the political climate makes it risky.

7. Madagascar Compared to other African countries the crime rate in Madagascar is considerably lower.

8. Cairo, Egypt According to a recent report from the Thomson Reuters Foundation Cairo is considered the most dangerous city for women in the world.

9. Philippine It's best to avoid the southern part of the country specifically the beach areas according to Gobbels mostly due to the increased number of kidnappings.

10. Guatemala City, Guatemala Political tensions, high poverty, drug trafficking the risk of carjacking and armed robbery are just a few of the reasons to steer clear.

11. Russia Rumors of planned terrorist attacks and the fact that police officers may target American citizens.

12. Yemen The US State Department is clear about travel to this Middle East Nation No part of Yemen is safe from violence.

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