10 High Paying Jobs in Manufacturing That Are Hiring Now

Which manufacturing jobs pay the best? Check out a few of these options so you can.

Manufacturing can be a lucrative field depending on your job or specialty In fact several positions pay around $100,000 a year.

1. Manufacturing Director As a Manufacturing Director expect to earn an average annual salary of $132,527.

2. IT Manager An Information Technology manager can earn an average income of $120,015 per year.

3. Laser Engineer Laser engineers can earn an average annual income of $104,844.

4. Plant Operations Director According to Glassdoor a plant operations director can make a base average annual salary of $102,610.

5. Electrical Engineer An Electrical Engineer can make an average salary of $87,227 each year.

6. Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineers make $80,018 in average annual income.

7. Safety Engineer A safety engineer could make $75,978 in average annual salary.

8. Manufacturing Maintenance Engineer According to Glassdoor a manufacturing maintenance engineer makes an average annual salary of $75,287.

9. Cost Estimator A cost estimator can make an average annual salary of $74,183.

10. CAD Designer Expect an average salary of $62,667 per year if you take on a job as a CAD Designer.

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